Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Survivor!

Here is one of my newest heroes, introducing Mr. Les Stroud. I'm addicted to this show. I can't help myself. Everytime I sit down to watch a little TV and I find that Les is on I can easily be entertained, non-stop for three hours, thanks to the frequently run marathons on Discovery. Pretty soon the guy is gonna run out of terrain. I actually think this guy should run for president, I mean shit, have you heard him play the harmonica? He's awesome! This guy has showed me a number of things I can eat in the wild if I'm in dire need. I've learned everything from how to drink my own piss to starting fires to making weapons; he's preparing me for the not-so-far-off apocalypse. He's the guy you want along with you in a zombie-infested world. I hope to see more seasons out of this "Survivorman" series. It's good, honest TV.


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