Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Complaining...

Okay, yesterday, I complained about this job as a whole. Now, I'm here to complain about an individual co-worker that sits next to me. We're all out in the open here, that's right, no privacy! No cubicles. Some would think that a good thing. Think again! First thing in the morning my co-worker fills her face with dry cereal from a plastic bowl with no milk; and get this folks, with a spoon. Keep in mind, this is every single morning. This has bothered me to extremes lately, since I'm so worked up about being at work. I've decided to keep my headphones on throughout her wholesome crunching. It kills me! Every single morning! But, I'm feeling better already. I've taken the time, (my ever growing down-time), to write about what's troubling me. Blogging is the best place to complain. (Who knows who reads this garbage!) By writing this stuff on a post and putting it out there on the internet you're giving it away, thus taking that fucking monkey off your back! Thank goodness for blogging, aaah!


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