Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jobless Again

Fortunately, my last temp job lasted close to six months. It came in a time of great need. Helped me pay for school and the move into our new apartment back in August. Presently, the temperature is finally dropping outside and I'm writing this blog on a new Mac in our extra room—my music room—looking forward to starting another english class at the end of January. However, unfortunately, I am jobless again. I've put my feelers out and I'm optimistic. Something will come up. As to any of you who care I made an A- in my first college class. I don't mind telling you all that I'm proud of myself. I actually enjoy the school work; wish I could say the same for the student body. I wanted to share an excerpt of an essay I received an A on. The essay is about a description of a photo of myself as a younger man out in Oregon. I named it, Unsettled Dust.

"The deafening quiet could be heard just by gazing at the black and white...as quiet as fresh fallen snow the stark landscape uneven with rock and rubble, languid hills sparsely covered with vegetation, the unseen pond casting its haunting unto its seated viewer. This is the outskirts of (omission); God's country. I'm 23 years of age in the photo sitting on hallowed ground with (omission)'s foreboding shadow spilt over me while taking the picture. I was a serious person back then, perhaps much as I am now, but I rarely cared or thought much of the consequences of my own actions; today I've grown into responsibility. The picture tells a story—much like any other picture—but it also signifies a time in my life when I had no responsibility and felt free from the routines of life's reality. A moment in time, deeply appreciated and fondly remembered, when I floated on the fingertips of a breeze..."

What do you think? The prof loved it. Well,, I better do more job hunting before the day ends. It felt good to drop this into the soup, its been a while. Hope everyone in the blogworld is doing fine. Maybe you'll hear from me a little more frequently now that I'm jobless. Wish me luck!


Blogger Omnibus Driver said...

Welcome back, Ryan! You've been missed.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Catfish said...

You will find something soon, use your daddy's charm and you may get a very nice job offer. But until you go back to work, you can be a houseboy for your bride. You can cook, wash clothes, do the house cleaning and have her slippers ready at the front door when she gets home.

1:10 PM  

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